Genealogy Prompt 12: Check Genealogy Resources at Your Local Library

Whether you aren’t sure where to start researching your family tree or you’ve hit a dead-end, there’s one reliable option you can always turn to: your local library. For this week’s genealogy prompt, take some time to explore what family history resources your local library provides. They’re generally all free, and they can come with … Read more

Genealogy Prompt 11: Take an Ancestry Tour

Sometimes visiting your ancestors’ hometowns isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re looking for more information than what you’ve uncovered on your own, consider taking an organized ancestry tour. What are these? Let’s explore ancestry tours and some of the options available to you. What is an Ancestry Tour? An ancestry tour is any … Read more

Genealogy Prompt 6: Set Up a Private Family Tree for Research

Browsing public family trees online can be exciting. You might suddenly come across a treasure trove of information about one of your ancestors — their parents’ names, other children, or even further generations back. But that doesn’t mean making your own working tree public is a good idea. In fact, it’s much wiser to keep … Read more

Genealogy Prompt 5: Start a Family History Journal

Over time, even the most casual family history research can lead to more records and facts than you can recall. That means you risk forgetting about some of your favorite anecdotes. But there’s an easy solution, and it’s this week’s genealogy prompt: start a family history journal. What is a Family History Journal? There’s no … Read more

Genealogy Prompt 4: Document Your Family Traditions

Genealogy is about more than researching your family’s past. It’s also about documenting the present for future generations. For this week’s genealogy prompt, take some time to write down or otherwise document your family traditions for your children, grandchildren, or other family. Why Document Family Traditions? When you keep records of your family’s traditions, you give … Read more