Genealogy Prompt 11: Take an Ancestry Tour

Sometimes visiting your ancestors’ hometowns isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re looking for more information than what you’ve uncovered on your own, consider taking an organized ancestry tour. What are these? Let’s explore ancestry tours and some of the options available to you. What is an Ancestry Tour? An ancestry tour is any … Read more

Dual Citizenship: Is it Worth It?


Learn about my discovery in 2011 of being a dual US-German citizen, my 3-year journey into getting proof of German citizenship, and later getting my German passport. Then explore the 13 years of comments with readers sharing their own journeys through this process of dual German citizenship (in the US and elsewhere), and get their tips on figuring out if you’re eligible for a German passport and working with German consulates and missions to help you through the process.