Government Incompetence and Genealogists

Have you ever hit a wall in your genealogy research where the only option to move forward was to get your hands on some sort of government document? That’s what happened to me recently. I needed one ancestor’s parents’ names. And the only way to get them would be to get a copy of her … Read more

Dual Citizenship: Is it Worth It?


Learn about my discovery in 2011 of being a dual US-German citizen, my 3-year journey into getting proof of German citizenship, and later getting my German passport. Then explore the 8+ years of comments with readers sharing their own journeys through this process of dual German citizenship (in the US and elsewhere), and get their tips on figuring out if you’re eligible for a German passport and working with German consulates and missions help you through the process.

Why Climb Your Family Tree?

Climb Your Family Tree is one part personal blog about my family history and one part genealogy resource to help you find your ancestors too. But why might someone like you be interested in their ancestry? Does your family history really matter? If genealogy is new to you, here are a few reasons you might … Read more