Ancestry Offers Free Access to 1 Billion New Family History Records – Limited Time

Just a quick announcement. Ancestry is running a limited time promotion through the weekend (ending at midnight, September 1, 2014) with free access to over a billion new global records.

As an added perk, you don’t need to enter a credit card to access these records during this promotion (though that’s a requirement for the standard 14 day free trial).


This promotion covers the following:

  • marriage records
  • death records
  • immigration records
  • birth records
  • occupation records

The new records come from 67 different countries.

While many promotions are only available to new subscribers, this one is accessible to current members as well. If you’re already an subscriber, log in and click the “new global records” button near the top right corner of the site to access a special search page for these records.


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