Backing Up Your Genealogy Records

This might be a quick and common sense tip for most folks who regularly work on family history research, but I was reminded of something today — you absolutely must back up your genealogy research. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was just a teenager. I started climbing my family tree when I was … Read more

Ancestry Offers Free Access to 1 Billion New Family History Records – Limited Time

Just a quick announcement. Ancestry is running a limited time promotion through the weekend (ending at midnight, September 1, 2014) with free access to over a billion new global records. As an added perk, you don’t need to enter a credit card to access these records during this promotion (though that’s a requirement for the standard … Read more

Why Climb Your Family Tree?

Climb Your Family Tree is one part personal blog about my family history and one part genealogy resource to help you find your ancestors too. But why might someone like you be interested in their ancestry? Does your family history really matter? If genealogy is new to you, here are a few reasons you might … Read more