2018 Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions

I know most regular visitors to this blog come for the conversations about German dual citizenship.  But that’s just a tiny part of why I launched this blog so many years ago.

Climb Your Family Tree was meant to be a journal of sorts about my own family history research and what I found. But it was also supposed to be a genealogy resource for amateurs like me. Given that I’ve been conducting this research for over 20 years, and I’m a professional writer with about 14 years of web publishing experience, this seemed like a perfect fit.

But then life happened. Big things that pulled me away from all but the most essential projects in my business. And sadly that lasted year. So Climb Your Family Tree has been sorely neglected. So has my family history research.

I think it’s about time to change that. So I’m setting a few New Year’s Resolutions. For example:

  • I will start posting here at Climb Your Family Tree regularly. My aim is every Tuesday and Thursday for now.
  • I will finally get my German passport and ID (have the certificate of citizenship after my previous research and a 3-year process).
  • I will resume regular family history research related to three key lines: my mother’s family in the UK; a line I recently discovered in Italy; and my elusive German line (my namesake line at that), which I’ve only been able to trace back to my great-grandfather due to records being lost during the war.

I hope you’ll stick around, enjoy some resources I’ll release, and comment once in a while to share your own research tips with me.

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